Red Tide Rising

Local band Red Tide Rising

Red Tide Rising is one of Denver’s youngest rock bands, but you’d never know it based on their sound. They have a mature sound that would fit in with today’s top bands. The band producer, Scott Whiteman contacted us initially to get some publicity photos for the band for use on albums and web presence. Over time, the relationship with New Thinking Designs grew and we were asked to promote their song “Finding Home”. With the tone and inspiration set by the song, we worked with Scott and the bands guitar/songwriter, Andrew Whiteman over the summer months to film the music video in several outdoor locations as well as some indoor spots to complete the video. The challenge was to create a video that was as powerful as the song and live up to the well produced sounds and lyrics that Red Tide Rising excel at. The video was played at several events and has helped the band bring light to the darkness of teen suicide.

We continue to work with Red Tide Rising filming commercials and demo reels of their performances, which should be available soon.

Check these guys ( and gal ) out on their facebook page:

The music video for “Finding Home” was created by Denver Lighting Company, which is under the New Thinking Designs umbrella.

Some samples of the photography done by Mel Haynes Photography, another entity under the New Thinking Designs umbrella