Under Construction

So you came to this site and read about branding and such, yet here the site is using a third party theme for its main site. What gives? Yes I know it kind of seems like false advertisement, so here is the story behind this. I have been working on projects ranging from music videos, to ERP system customization and development. I have also been building sites for a couple of non-profit companies and then there is the maintaining of software of my legacy pricing system that is still in production after 14 years. I decide how to use my time based on the needs of others and my own personal projects are put on hold. That means having sites for this page as well as my film making site and photography site are left on the shelf. I have designs for them, its just that I haven’t had the time to do it. I put this site up as a placeholder of sorts so it wasn’t just a plain static page. The design of this page is similar to what I was building myself so I thought I’d keep it here until I get to building this site.

I apologize for doing it, but my customers’ needs come before my own and if someone came to me with a need to help them out, I will give them my attention over myself. I guess that’s a good thing for you, not soo great for me. I am also in the process of working with web designers and UI designers to help move things along so I can focus on the bigger chunks.