Denver Dance: a unique dance studio in Denver

is a dance studio specializing in hiphop, tap, and pole dance classes. What is unique about it is how owner Marguerite Endsley transformed an ordinary TuffShed into a really unique and fun enviornment for dance. This project was the first to incorporate many of the services New Thinking Designs, provides. There are many dance studios that offer pole classes in Denver, so the challenge was to show how unique and fun Denver Dance really is. What we did was create a website, complete with customer assets, demo reels to show the target audience Marguerite’s skills and talents, and also some online tutorials to give future students a taste of her instruction as well as get more eyes on her website.

The first step for Denver Dance was to give Marguerite a site that fits her personality. the site had to be edgy and rough, but still give people clear information on what the studio is. It also needed to have a schedule of classes that students can sign up for as well as pay for classes. Finally, we wanted to make it easily customizable for when new classes are offered or new information is available, she can modify the site on her own. The decision was to use WordPress to run the site. We created all the photos for her to be used on the site as well as social media. These photos were also incorporated into the site design. A custom WordPress theme was created from scratch and built in such a way as to make modifying menus and page content easy and doable by Marguerite. The other benefit to using WordPress was the ability to incorporate a plug-in for event management. The plug in was built and tailored to match the site. Its easy to set up and maintain feature set made it a great choice for Denver Dance.

Once the website was up, email addresses configured, and social media profiles created, it was time to get some students. On top of promoting the site through Facebook, we started to branch out to the video portion of the marketing campaign. The first step was to create a demo reel to let people know who Marguerite is as a dancer and instructor. We shot a quick video to highlight all her dance styles that are taught at Denver Dance:

We also filmed some dance tutorials that were posted on her various outlets to get a wider audience

Finally we created a custom intro for her to add to all her videos to give them a distinct and professional look

Denver Dance may be a small studio, but it is unlike any other one around and the students love it. People comment all the time at how her online presence makes her business seem much larger than it is and made them excited to check her out. We are proud of the work we did for her and are happy when she tells us the comments students as well as other companies make regarding the professional look she has.

Below are some sample photos used for her website as well as promotional material.