New Thinking Designs was started by Mel Haynes, Jr. to address the support needs of the enterprise retail pricing software he developed and maintained over the years, but was abandoned by the host company after they acquired his software. Going forth on his own, he started to get requests to help new businesses get their feet off the ground and build software to help them compete with the well established large companies. When Mel isn’t working, he pursues photography and more recently film making to balance out his work/play, but came to learn that when customers needed a new website, they lacked the visual media that would make their web presence more professional. With this in mind, he started incorporating his passions into the business.

On the development front, New Thinking designs’ founder has been developing retail oriented software since 1993. Creating rules based pricing software for retailer that has competed with the buzzword frenzy “optimization” market and proven to get results at a fraction of the cost and manpower required by larger science based applications. New Thinking Designs has also entered the open source ERP market by working with ERP/CRM application. Working for multi-channel retailers in Boulder, New Thinking Designs has been able to utilize Compiere and customize it as well as integrate it with all its channels using web services.

Embracing social media requires more than carefully chosen words and marketing terms. Visual appeal and extending past the landing page is where New Thinking Designs comes in with its photography and video services. New Thinking Designs creates videos for commercials, tutorials, demo reels, or any other asset. New Thinking Designs also provides photographic service for promotion, online catalog, or website materials.

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